Key Persons Service

How would your business cope if its director became incapacitated, or were to pass away?

The key persons in your business not only steer the company, but shoulder responsibility for making important decisions with far-reaching repercussions. There are several ways you can protect senior staff from unlimited liability, as well as secure the business if something should happen to the owners.

We Can Cover:

  • Group Personal Accident (GPA)
    Protecting against the costs of personal accidents and injuries, this policy provides a payout which can replace lost revenue or pay for increased costs of working, such as a taxi to take a staff member with a broken leg to and from work.
  • Group Business Travel
    Group Personal Accident polices can often be extended to include Group Business Travel. If employees make regular business trips abroad, this arrangement can save you money on arranging separate Travel Insurance for each staff member.
  • Key Person Insurance/Group Life Cover
    If a director or key staff member were to pass away, Key Person Insurance can help secure the financial future of the business. A Group Life policy can also be arranged to provide a “death in service benefit” to employee families if they pass away whilst employed by the company, also providing an attractive employee benefit package to retain staff and attract talent.

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