Business Protection

Alongside standard business insurance, it is vital to protect your work against risks which are specific to your industry, or claims which are likely to come about as a result of your processes. For example, standard business insurance policies do not always include cover for clients’ financial losses caused by incorrect advice, or the costs of a data breach.

Stuart & Co.’s insurance consultants can protect your intellectual property, key decision makers, cyber liabilities and more.

We Can Cover:

  • Professional Indemnity
    Professional Indemnity insurance covers the cost of paying compensation to clients should they suffer a financial loss from advice you have given them. This is important for any business that provides professional advice for a fee, and several industries will be required by law to purchase it.
  • Directors & Officers Liability
    This cover reacts to claims of error, negligence or loss from clients, employees or third parties made personally against your business’s senior decision makers. Without it, senior staff may have to pay legal expenses and settlements personally.
  • Cyber Insurance
    Most companies hold customer data and this is often a primary target for hackers. Data breaches are expensive as each affected customer needs to be contacted, costs will be incurred to stop the breach from happening again and there can be significant fines from industry regulators, as well as the costs of correcting reputation damage.

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