Business Insurance

As an independent Commercial Insurance Broker we can advise on and arrange a number of different Business insurances.

Depending on your business model – one, some or all of the below products may be relevant to your business.

Commercial Combined Insurance – the main business insurance policy that can include a number of different insurances under one package including :-
• Business Premises –  Covering the building for normal insured perils such as Fire, Flood, Storm, etc.
• Contents and equipment – Protecting the contents you have at your premises against theft or damage. Equipment taken off site can also be covered.
• Public Liability (PL) – Liability to the public should you cause injury or damage to property. Certain contracts may require a certain level of PL cover in order to carry out work as a subcontractor.
• Employers Liability (EL) – Required under UK Law if you employ people. Covers your liability to employees suffering injury or property damage whilst carrying out their business duties.
• Products Liability – Injury or property damage caused by a product you manufactured, designed or supplied.
• Business Interruption – Cover to help a business continue operating if it suffers a critical failure by covering loss of sales or income whilst you cannot trade.

Professional Indemnity
Certain professions require this under UK Law to trade. This covers you should your client suffer financial loss from advice or design work you carried out for a fee.

Fleet Insurance

Required under UK Law to operate a motor vehicle on UK roads. Covers third party injury and damage as well as damage to your vehicles.

Fleet GAP insurance 

Covers the gap between the insurer’s settle of a total loss claim and the original purchase price of the vehicle. If leasing or the vehicle has a finance agreement then this policy can cover the amount you would owe the finance or leasing company.

Key Person

Pays out to the company in the event of a key member of staff passing away. Could be used for example to pay costs to a recruitment company to head hunt a new staff member.

Directors & Officers Liability

Covers the Directors & Officers in a company. If a client suffers a loss due to the actions of a Director or Officer and cannot recover their costs by taking legal action against the company, they may be able to take legal action directly against a specific Director or Officer.

Cyber Liability

Can cover a wide range of risks from IT support costs to repair IT systems in the event of a virus or hack, costs associated with contacting clients if there has been a data breach to PR and reputational support to deal with the loss of reputation following a significant data loss.

Engineering Inspection

Provides regularly schedule inspection of engineering equipment that could be dangerous if not properly maintained.

Group Personal Accident & Business Travel

Pays out to help the business with additional costs if a staff member is injured from an accident. For instance if they break their leg they may need a taxi to help them carry out their work duties.

Group Life cover

Pays out to a staff member’s family should they pass away. This can be arranged in order for the company to offer it as an added benefit of working for them.

If you would like to know more please Call or email Stuart & Co to discuss your requirements.