GAP Insurance for Businesses and Individuals

GAP Insurance is designed to protect individuals and businesses against a financial shortfall if a vehicle is stolen or written off.

Your motor insurer may only pay-out the current market value. This could be less than what is needed to replace the vehicle, or to cover an outstanding amount on a finance or lease agreement.

Stuart & Co have partnered with a marketing leading GAP provider and can offer you a policy that will meet your individual needs.

Universal GAP – Designed for someone who would like to protect themselves against a financial loss if their car is stolen or written off.

A simple and flexible product which can be renewed each year.

Cover options depend on how or when you acquire your vehicle and include clearing outstanding finance or termination charges, pay back to the invoice price or paying 25% on top of insurers settlement.

Top Up Fleet GAP – Designed for Fleet Operators who want to protect the financial investment in their fleet in the event vehicles are stolen or written off

If a vehicle from your fleet is stolen or written off, the difference between what your insurer pays out, and the amount outstanding on a finance or lease agreement can be significant, leaving you with a financial shortfall to clear.

‘Top Up Fleet’ GAP pays the difference between your motor insurer’s settlement figure and the outstanding amount owed to the finance/lease company, or 25% of the motor insurer’s total loss settlement figure, whichever is the greater.

Cash flow is key to any business. How would you manage cash flow should a vehicle be written off and you are faced with significant termination charges?

Please contact us for more information about the products above, and other GAP insurance options available……..